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Millard Electronics, Inc.
Main Office/Tech Center
5060 135th Street
Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 895-4242

HOURS: Monday through Friday:

8:00am - 5:00pm
(can meet later by appointment0

Now Serving Lincoln!
(402) 895-4242 
Servicing TV's On Site

 Audio Repair  We Can Make It Sound Soooo Gooood!

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Last Friday ... Was I Scared!  My Wife Almost Divorced Me!
Ok, so you messed up! You weren't paying attention and knocked Grandmothers "heirloom" antique radio on the floor. So now you are looking for a professional technician to repair it ... before your wife finds out!
Look no further! As the Midwest preferred electronics repair service, we have been servicing electronics since 1969. We are committed to providing you with the lowest price possible!  We provide repairs on all major brands of Audio products ... and most antique radios including Ham radios!  We have qualified technicians that you can depend on for reliable customer service.  Our competitive pricing and consumer preferred brands make us first choice for reconditioned, pre-owned big screen TV's. We offer a 90 day parts and labor warranty on all reconditioned big screen TV's.

We stock replacement bulbs for the latest models of popular projection big screen TV's.  If we don't have it in stock (rare) we can order it and have it within 3 days. Stop by our store and see for yourself!

And the best part is that we are local. Our strategically placed locations throughout Nebraska and Iowa make it easy for you to bring your electronics in - or we can come to your home or place of business and repair it on the spot!

Stage Audio Guitars
So, you take out your electric guitar to play one day, plug in the cable, turn your amp on and ... nothing. You check the inputs on your amplifier with another instrument and they work just fine. Crap!  Something is wrong with your guitar!  A frustrating problem, to be sure.

Difficult audio and video equipment or back-line gear is no problem for the experienced service techs at Millard Electronics. Whether your venue is a church, gym or athletic field, live show, corporate presentation or anything in between, Millard Electronics is ready to help you get your system working its best.  You can drop your guitar off for service or schedule an on site service call.  Call (402) 895-4242 from anywhere in the Nebraska - Iowa area.

Millard Electronics  repairs audio equipment for professional and semi-professional equipment. We do full service repairs on power amplifiers, Audio Mixers, digital Recording, musical instruments and Audio Effects Processors.

Some of the brands we repair are Allen and Heath, Crest, Crown, DBX, DigiTech, Carver, Furman, JBL and Yamaha just to name a few.  Millard Electronics has been certified by nearly all of the worlds top audio manufacturers.

Speakers and Sub-Woofers
Millard Electronics offers full service Audio speaker and sub-woofer repairs for top of the line products including Velodyne, Infinity, Jamo, Rel, Wharfedale, Orion, Yamaha, Pioneer, Panasonic and many others.  Other top brands and speaker manufacturer system repairs can be done by our technicians as well.

Our trained technicians can also help you solve quality sound issues. Equipment can be re-tuned and returned to factory specifications. After any audio speaker and sub-woofer repairs are carried out, you will once again enjoy better sound from your entertainment or broadcast system.

Millard Electronics provides high quality parts during our service procedures. We can order woofers, tweeters, mid-ranges, diaphragms, cross overs, as well as speaker grills if we don't have them in stock. We can also provide up-to-date support and information to fulfill your audio speaker and sub-woofer repair needs.
Worn, torn, and deteriorating parts can be replaced with ease by our team members. We offer affordable rebuilds, and re-coning services. Grill cloth replacements are also available. Each integral part within the speaker and sub-woofer system will be inspected to ensure the greatest end result, for your entertainment needs.

We can recondition your loud speakers so they will sound as good as the day you first used them. We can service and repair your loud-speakers, check the cross-overs and upgrade the lead-in wires to have your speakers reach their peak performance.

Millard Electronics will meet and exceed your audio service expectations. We offer highly trained professionals with outstanding service records to take care of those repair needs.

We also repair Antique and Tube Radios, Consoles, Stereos,Turntables  and most other kinds of audio products. 

Millard Electronics
5060 South 135th Street
Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 895-4242
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