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Millard Electronics, Inc.
Main Office/Tech Center
5060 135th Street
Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 895-4242

HOURS: Monday through Friday:

8:00am - 5:00pm
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(402) 895-4242 
Servicing TV's On Site

Snap. Crackle. POP.
No Picture...
Now What?

Who Else Wants Their Flat Screen Fixed Right --
In Half The Time Others Take?

Damaging your flat-screen TV is about the worst feeling ever, especially when you start to imagine that your thousand plus dollar investment might never work again. However, there are some kinds of failures that can be repaired.  Read on... 

Damage to the Electronics
Suppose your TV was damaged by your kids while playing the new Wii Sports game.  Or ... suppose it was short circuit during a nasty lightning storm (and because you were a rebel, you decided not to get that surge protector everyone tried to sell you). What do you do then?
Bring it to Millard Electronics for an honest estimate.  Fortunately, it is possible that the circuit board inside the TV can be repaired or replaced. Of course that is assuming we can get to the board. Even then, between circuit board repair or the cost of the board itself, it could be repaired.  Don't just assume it's shot.  Let us figure that out for you.

Damage to the Structure
Let's say you are having a particularly unlucky day - and you get home only to find that your roof has collapsed and crushed your Flat screen TV.  Undoubtedly, this is the worst kind of damage that can happen.

Damage sustained from destruction can cause a number of problems for the delicate inner workings of your LCD or Plasma TV. The damage can crack the screen, damage the circuit board, shatter the glass layer of the screen and destroy pixels. If your TV is destryed no matter what the reason, there is no repairman that can fix it.

Look On the Bright Side! 
If that happens - well, after all - you wanted a bigger TV anyway, right? 

Seriously, Here's What We Can Do to Help...

Millard Electronics Repairs More Than Just Flat Screen TV's!

Millard Electronics provides Repair, Service and Installation for:

  • Big Screen TV's
  • Plasma Display TV 's
  • DLP Display TV's
  • LCD Display TV's
  • Direct View TV's
  • Camcorders
  • LCD and DLP Projectors
  • VCR-DVD Players
  • TV-VCR Combo's
  • TV-VCR-DVD Combo's
  • Dual Deck VCR-DVD Players
  • Home Theater Audio Systems
  • Distributive Audio Systems
  • Security Monitors
  • Commercial Audio Systems
  • Commercial Video Systems
  • Commercial Microwave Ovens
  • Contract Installations and Services
  • Vintage Ham Radios

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Millard Electronics
5060 South 135th Street
Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 895-4242
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